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Enjoy the magic of Galicia in our dining rooms

At A Valeca we know how important the image is, so, in addition to being extremely careful with the plating of each of the elaborations of our menu, we have divided our restaurant in Santiago into four dining rooms. You can choose the one that transmits the best vibrations to you to enjoy the Galician gastronomy in your favorite environment.

If there is something that makes Galicia stand out on the map, in addition of its gastronomy, it is the Camino de Santiago. At A Valeca we want to pay tribute to the thousands of pilgrims who walk the streets of Santiago every year, as well as to all those who decide to soak up the culture of Santiago. Two of our dining rooms are set in different parts of the Camino de Santiago.

Pasatempo dining room

Set on the route of the Camino de Santiago between Mondoñedo and the Galician capital, honoring the "Taberna O Valeco" founded in 1956.

In this room you will see reflected the 160 kilometers that separate Mondoñedo from Santiago. We will make you feel that you are walking the Camino while you taste the good Galician gastronomy.

Salón do Pasatempo

Lembranzas dining room

Reflecting ancient Galicia, in this room you can enjoy all our elaborations while you travel through time and you feel that you are in ancient times.

Salón Lembranzas

Ribeiro dining room

A good meal loses value without a good wine to accompany it. In addition to offering multiple gastronomic possibilities, in A Valeca you can accompany your favorite dish with a good Galician wine, with which you enjoy each sip and savor each bite even more.

In this room we pay tribute to the good wine, the Ribeiro wine.

We offer great possibilities in wine/ We offer an extensive wine list. You can accompany your meal with the designation of origin wine of the country that best matches your choice on the menu.

Salón Ribeiro

Fisterra dining room

The saying that Fisterra is the End of the Earth is very common. Although we know that this is not the case, in Fisterra the Camino de Santiago ends. In this dining room we make a representation of the end of the Way/Camino. We ensure that each diner enjoys the atmosphere of the dining room while savoring the peculiarities of each dish.

Salón Fisterra